CDG Invest Growth invests in the capital of companies in Morocco and Africa

CDG Invest Growth invests in Comaner, a leading operator in the agrifood industry

CDG Invest Growth acquires a significant minority stake in Comaner, a leading operator in the agrifood industry in Morocco.

Comaner is specialized in the importation and distribution of food ingredients and additives. The company has become a one-stop-shop in the food industry offering its customers a large catalog of products. Through its subsidiary, Vialys, the Group also manages to distribute and produce specific ingredients for bakeries and pastries. M. Mounir Kouhen, CEO of Comaner has successfully developed partnerships with important players in the Moroccan agrifood landscape as well as with international operators. 

CIG’ investment in Comaner aims at helping the company accelerate its growth in new segments and in new geographic markets.

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