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CDG Invest Growth exits Techniques Science-Santé (T2S)

14 décembre 2021

CDG Invest Growth announces the completion of its exit from Techniques Science-Santé (T2S) through a sale to a holding company owned by Helios investment fund.

CDG Invest Growth acquired a significant minority stake in T2S  in June 2016 through the Capmezzanine II fund.

Founded in 1992 by Mr. Abderraouf Sordo and his four partners, T2S has become, in less than three decades, the undisputed leader in the distribution and maintenance of medical equipment in Morocco and then in French-speaking Africa, with revenues of around 700 Mdhs in 2020. T2S’s success is the result of long-standing relationships with leading medical device manufacturers, as well as the trust and legitimacy it enjoys with its customers.

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