CDG Invest Growth exits Techniques Science-Santé (T2S)

14 décembre 2021 CDG Invest Growth announces the completion of its exit from Techniques Science-Santé (T2S) through a sale to a holding company owned by Helios investment fund. CDG Invest Growth acquired a significant minority stake in T2S  in June 2016 through the Capmezzanine II fund. Founded in 1992 by Mr. Abderraouf Sordo and his […]

CDG Invest Growth signs an agreement to exit Techniques Science-Santé (T2S)

29 July 2021 CDG Invest Growth (“CIG”), the leading Morocco based private equity firm previously known as CDG Capital Private Equity, and Techniques Science-Santé (“T2S”), IM Alliance, Cyclopharma and Binarios (together, the “Company” or the “Group”) are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement for the sale of a majority stake in the largest […]

CDG Invest Growth invests in Oncorad, a leading operator in oncology in Morocco

CDG Invest Growth, the leading growth equity investor in Morocco invested in Group Oncorad, a private healthcare provider focused on oncology and radiology. Oncorad was founded in 1999 by Pr. Redouane Samlali and Dr. Omar Hajji.  Their first center was Clinique le Littoral which opened in 2000 in Casablanca. Through the years, Clinique le Littoral […]

CDG Invest Growth invests in SCE Chemicals

February 2019 CDG Invest Grwoth, the private equity firm focused on growth investments for SMEs in Morocco, announced an investment in SCE Chemicals, a leading company manufacturing specialty chemicals, fertilizers and other chemical inputs for industrial clients in Morocco and abroad. SCE Chemicals distributes products like sulfonic acid, silicates, alumina sulphate, powdered sulfur, sulphuric acid […]

CDG Invest Growth invests in Steripharma, a pharmaceutical business in Morocco

January 2019 CDG Invest Growth, the private equity firm focused on growth investments for SMEs in Morocco, announced an investment in Laboratoires Steripharma (“Steripharma” or “the Company”), a well-established pharmaceutical business in Morocco. CDG Invest Grwoth has acquired a stake in the Company from several minority shareholders. Steripharma was founded in 1999 and has since developed […]

CDG Invest Growth takes a stake in T2S

CDG Invest Growth takes a stake in T2S (Techniques Science Santé), Morocco’s leading distributor of high tech medical equipment. T2S, the leader in the distribution and the maintenance of medical equipment Founded in 1992, T2S assists healthcare professionals in the installation, training for utilisation and maintenance of high technology medical equipment. T2S distributes in Morocco […]